What to know When Ordering Custom Sorority Apparel

Ordering sorority apparel and t-shirts for your entire chapter can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Adam Block is here to help. Here’s what you’ve always wanted to know about how to order custom Fraternity and Sorority apparel for your chapter with things you need to know now and what you can figure out along the way.


Knowing the date of the event is crucial in the planning and design of your order. For any event, start planning 3–4 weeks in advance. Once an order is approved, allow about 2–3 weeks for production and delivery. In other words, if your sorority needs shirts for an ocean clean-up fundraiser you should give yourself a good 6 weeks to plan, order, and receive your custom sorority apparel order!


When sending in the design you want, make sure to include as much detail as possible. Inspiration pictures, links, and a brief written description including colors, fonts, locations, and size. Need ideas? Check out the various design galleries.


Besides the sorority design itself, the garment chosen is normally the other ever-changing part of the design process. Adam Block’s extra-long list of products is a great place to start, but they have hundreds of more items to choose from. Here are some tips for choosing the right pieces of apparel for your group:

  • Always check the size chart for the correct style and fit
  • Check that the color of the garment is approved for your chapter
  • Pick a style your whole house will like


For example, Adam Block has three easy ways to order sorority apparel for your group or chapter. You can use these keywords when filling out your Quick Quote so the sales team knows what you’d like created for you.


One payment for a chapter order — Making a standard bulk order, you would collect the sizes from your group and make the payment from a single credit card or check. These items ship to a single address to be distributed by the organizer of the order.


Individual credit card payments for a chapter order — Indie links allow your group to easily order items that have been designed for the chapter by allowing them to choose their sizes and pay by credit card online. These items ship to a single address to be distributed by the organizer of the order.


Crowdfunded / Individual ordering just for yourself — BlockBuy allows you to order individually with individual shipping, but the outcome of the link depends on how many people order the item. If the estimate is not reached, your item may not go to production (in this case, you won’t be charged).


A number of factors are utilized to determine the price quote, including the garment style, number of ink colors, shirt color, the number of printing locations, special design elements, quantity, and order processing speed. Each order is unique and Adam Block reps work with you to find the right choice for your budget.

You can buy new items for your chapter anywhere, but ordering through Adam Block gives you a 100% satisfaction guaranteed and other great perks like free shipping on bulk and indie orders, a free item for the organizer, extra special loyalty rewards, and cool surprises in the box!

Your chapter is as unique as you are, so whether your style leans more toward classic stitched letters and crest half zips or crazy neon fanny packs and fringed tanks (or a little bit of both), we’ve got it and everything in between.