Apple Is Trying To Change Music, Once Again!

You have your cloud music library, but you definitely don’t have it like this. And sometime around the end of October, Apple plans to change the music world, when the much-anticipated iTunes Match hits the streets in the US. Prepare to experience a cloud like nothing you’ve ever seen!

But can they pull it off this time? I believe the iTunes Cloud – complete with scan-n-match – will beat upstarts like Spotify for a number of reasons. Their approach of baby-stepping upon existing collections is far cheaper than the subscriptions at Spotify and the like, and… let’s face it, everything Apple makes is great. However, they are not alone in this movement, which also involves Google and Amazon, both of whom are creating variations on this collection-based theme.

iTunes Match was just one component of an announcement that included an upgraded iPhone 4S (not an iPhone 5), the induction of Sprint into the iPhone family, cheaper iPod touches and nanos, and a smoother iOS 5. And, the iCloud, which goes live ahead of Match on October 12th.

Actually, even fanboys were snoozing at the iPhone update, especially given the heated anticipation for 5 (wait til next year.)

Just in case you were wondering, Match is a $24.99-a-year service that scans-n-matches your entire collection, ports it into the cloud, and enables access of 256kbps AACs from any computer, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or other iOS device. It’s your collection, with on-demand streaming (essentially) and anywhere access.

So, will Apple win again? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Blog contributed by: KW