Better Marketing Is Better for Everyone: Even Dogs


You may think that dogs are adorable and wonderful no matter what (or maybe not, if you’re more of a cat or goldfish or ferret person), but some of that personality and appeal can be lost in translation when it comes to bad adoption photos. Thousands of animals are living in animal shelters with the hopes of being adopted by loving families, but often the only thing giving them an initial connection to that family is a hastily taken photo that doesn’t show off their best assets. Just as we all like to look good on Facebook, these dogs would probably like to look good on the internet as well (minus fun party pics, such as the one of our friend to the left).

That’s where this lovely lady, Teresa Berg, comes in. She takes professional photos of dogs living in animal shelters with the goal of increasing adoptions, and it works. It works so well that adoptions doubled in one animal shelter–all because of some simple photographs. Full story and video here.

Blog post contributed by: BH