Classics Are Classic, Even When Poorly Renamed

 If you’re anything like me—or most Americans between the ages of 15 and 35—you put more stock in the Disney movies of your childhood than you do almost anything.  They have contributed to the formation of our characters in ways that may not be fully understood, but have been for the better in almost all cases. Whether Bambi’s mom was terrifying your poor little eyes with her unexpected death or Buzz Lightyear was fascinating you with his ability to fall with style, these movies were hard to miss when we were kids.

Many random examples of Disney interoffice memoranda from throughout its history have thus become Letters of Note. The one in question today was born of some unknown animator whose disappointment leapt into print, perhaps of its own free will. The studio had recently renamed the classic story, Basil of Baker Street as The Great Mouse Detective (remember that one?) for its release under Disney’s name. The resulting memo lists potential new names for other Disney classics, including Cinderella, Snow White, and Lady and the Tramp. See if you can decipher them all! Full memo available here.

Blog post contributed by: BH