DIY Morse Code Nail Tutorial

Here is another great nail tutorial by The Beauty Department! They come up with some of the most unique nail ideas and this is one of my favorites. This tutorial shows us how to write “love” on your nails in morse code. What a cute idea!

Follow these 6 easy steps and visit the original post to view the rest of this DIY.

1. Cut 5 tiny pieces of gold string and grab 7 micro beads. You will need 3 pieces of the cut string to go across your middle finger for the “O” in “LOVE” so make sure they’re small enough that you can fit 3 across.
2. Draw out morse code so you can get an idea of the spacing.
3. Paint your nails solid black. To be honest, you can do this in any color but this is my fave. I did 2 thin coats.
4. Once the color dries, paint on a clear coat.
5. Quickly apply the micro-beads + string to spell out “LOVE” in the correct pattern. I like to do one finger at a time so the clear coat doesn’t dry before I get them on there.
6. Last, apply a quick drying clear coat over the whole nail.

What do you think? Do you have any awesome nail secrets? Feel free to share them with us over on twitter or facebook!

Blog post contributed by KC

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