Good Things Come

One of the major differences between ABD and other t-shirt companies is that we really want your t-shirts to be amazing. Instead of just forcing you to tell us exactly what you want and leaving it at that, we love having the opportunity to take your design ideas and make them the best they can be. As a result, you usually end up with something unique that you’ll wear for years to come. We owe that to our fantastic team of designers, who are constantly coming up with great designs, and elaborating on your original ideas in cool new ways that none of us could have thought of on our own.

Some designs are quicker, and some take a little more time. Our design turnaround of about 24 hours helps us make sure we have enough time to get things just right before sending them back. By letting us take a few more hours than the other companies to work on your design, you’re opening yourself up a world of artwork you might not otherwise see. To illustrate that point, an advertising agency in Hungary asked a group of kids to help them make some designs. The first session was restricted to 10 seconds. The second session was restricted to 10 minutes.

What a difference a few minutes can make. Thanks for always being patient when you’re waiting for your designs to come back to you; we promise it will always be worth it.

Blog post contributed by BH