Homemade From The Heart

Try something new for the Holidays this year!  Everyone has an artistic bone in their body, so let’s get crafty!  Make something that actually comes from your warm, caring heart!  Try making a few gifts this year =) Make your mother a tea cup candle (mute the video and play “This Christmas” such a great song!), knit a scarf for your best friend or dog, make your sisters a cute checkerboard using buttons and a canvas or flat piece of wood for the board, or any of these sweet ideas for your boyfriend or crush!  Baking is always a good way to spread holiday cheer!  Put together a cookie and hot chocolate package =) Make some delicious cookies (I just got an AMAZING snicker doodle recipe from my coworker,thanks JA!) and put some hot cocoa ingredients in a cute small bag with directions and the remaining ingredients needed.  These are just a few ideas to take Holiday stress off your shoulders!  Put some good tunes on, grab your best friend and sit on the floor and get creative!

Blog Post Contributed By: MC