Love Is Love.

Love is lovely.  I believe love is floating in this cold winter air.  It is what makes us all want to snuggle up to the one we love and drink a big cup of hot cocoa.  Remember the first time you met the person you are in love with and/or the first time you fell in love.  Remember those subtle looks exchanged, the back and forth smiles, the first awkward yet amazing kiss, the first time you introduced your loved one to your family and friends, and so many more stepping stones you have placed to build the foundation of a beautiful relationship.  Love is one of the easiest yet hardest things to show, one of the easiest and hardest things to maintain, but that is what makes love beautiful.  When we all reach the next stage of marriage it should be thrilling, life changing and breathtaking.  Love is not about gender, it’s between two people; who can laugh the night away, explore exciting new adventures, who care, respect, honor, trust, adore one another.  Enjoy love from the start

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Blog post contributed by: MC