Monster Bash

It is time to bust out those sweet tunes to dance the night away in our spooky costumes!  Let’s break down the jams from our childhood to now (in no particular order)…

1) Adam’s Family By MC Hammer– yes it happened and yes it is thrilling! 

2) Thriller by Michael Jackson– we all love it and we cannot help but sing and dance along.

3) Zombie by The Cranberries– enough said.

4) Zombie Zoo by Tom Petty– let’s go dancing at the zombie zoo, please!

5) Down by Summer Camp – video speaks for itself…feeling spooky yet?

6) Howlin’ For You By The Black Keys -get your feet moving already!  

7) Monster Mash By Groove Goolies– wwwaaaOOOOOO!!

8 )Tubular Bells from The Exorcist Soundtrack-terrifying with a sweet guitar solo mid through.

9) Ghostbusters By Ray Parker Jr.– I ain’t afraid of no ghost!  

10) Don’t Stop Me Now By Queen– This song should be on every playlist.

I hope some of these songs spook your interest to get your feet on the dance floor, hands in the air, shake your body uncontrollably like no one is watching you.  Happy Halloween!

Blog Post Contributed By: MC