More (Slightly Less) Covetous Feasting

Thanks, Zooniversity!

I got an early start on the holidays this weekend, and managed to visit with my Aunt Trudy already. As always, her trusty video camera was with her, and she was plying me with treats. She seems to be more understanding about my lack of desire to share this cookie than she was about that corn on the cob last month. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to shave or go to the dentist, but I did put a little more effort into my outfit.

Let the holidays begin! Trudy is into Christmas, but I can’t be tied down like that when there’s celebrating to be done every day. Las Posadas began last Friday, Hanukkah begins tonight at sundown, Festivus is on Friday, Decemberween and Christmas are on Sunday, and Kwanzaa begins next Monday. Whatever you like to do in December, the party time is upon us.

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