MTV Video Music Awards 2011


Last Sunday night, MTV aired their annual Video Music Awards (VMA’s). This awards show allows fans to vote online or on their phone for their favorite music videos under a number of various categories (think Justin Beiber, Lil’ Wayne and Katy Perry). It is THE awards ceremony for popular music videos. Even though I watch it pretty much every year, I never really like this awards ceremony. It isn’t just because I don’t really watch music videos, it’s because the host of the VMA’s is always the opposite of funny.

Lucky for us, there was no host this year and it ended up being a great Awards Ceremony. FINALLY, the VMA’s focused on the music and music videos, and got rid of their terrible, comedically challenged Hollywood actors as hosts.

There was even a tribute to Amy Winehouse, which truly illustrated her musical talents and the legacy that she has behind. Here is one of her best songs for you to listen to, “You Know I’m No Good”.


Blog post contributed by: KW