Pageant Of The [Underrated] Masters


People often forget that things like printed textiles and t-shirt designs start out as original artwork. Sometimes it’s easy to take our wearable art for granted, but if you’d like to take a closer look at some great artists and designers from around the US, here are some links you should check out! A beauty pageant of subtle forms of art and their creators, if you will:

Savannah Garrett Heironimus

Hailing from The Middle of Everywhere, Kansas, and currently residing in Seattle, Savannah’s bread and butter is hand woven textile, with a side of paper craft.

Patrick McPheron

Also an original Midwest gangster, this guy is good at pretty much everything. He designs t-shirts, works in web and print graphic design, directs films, runs a photography business, and the list goes on. Some photos NSFW if your employers are offended by fine art. (Photo to the left: Flower Light Study 3)

Nikki Cross

Originally from the great state of Delaware, this city-planner-turned master of visual media is currently wowing her fans with wearable headpieces and bouquets of origami flowers. Her original paper designs can’t be found anywhere else, and often give us that sweet little throwback to the Spirograph we loved so dearly in the 90s.

Think about the artists who made your day more interesting—whether they designed the packaging for your granola bar or hand painted the original designs on your tank top, their art is everywhere we turn.

Blog post contributed by: BH