Who Got A Rock?

In honor of that great American candy festival that is known as Halloween, Adam Block Design shipped out some limited edition jack o’ lantern tote bags full of treats for your gustatory pleasure.

That hallowed weekend is swiftly approaching, and it’s crunch time for last minute costume planners. This year, I started out with lofty costume goals that involved props, other people, and even some memorized dialogue.

As it is now October 25, and I have absolutely none of the things I need to make the costume a reality, I have decided to fall back on my second choice: classic sheet ghost. It’s about time I was a sheet ghost for Halloween, given the fact that my childhood heroes were rocking sheet ghost costumes long before I was born. Hopefully I’ll fare better with the scissors than Mr. Brown.

Happy Costuming, everyone! I hope you get some great treats (like more cool stuff in your ABD boxes–coming soon), and no rocks!

Blog post contributed by (spooky) BH