Why I Don’t Have A Cat


Not to show our hands too much, but we at ABD have a thing for furry little animals, such as puppies and kittens and rare baby tigers. This isn’t uncommon, but I have a feeling most coworkers don’t discuss it as much as we do. Or maybe they do. Either way, we are the best at it.

I’m pretty sure my love for these little animals isn’t in danger of causing me to ignore my friends and family, but that might be the case due to only one thing: I do not own one. If I had a pet, I might never see another human again, which is a distressing thought. This charming young lady has hit the nail on the head by illustrating my potential-pet-ownership nightmare in the cutest way possible.

As mine would if I had any artistic talent at all, her comics also sometimes betray her concerns that she is going to become a terrifying cat lady. Much to our relief, she has interests ranging from graphic design to unicorn/dinosaur hybrids as well. All in all, a pretty well rounded person.

In sum, get your cat fix at the same time as your humor fix today: check out Cat Vs. Human by Yasmine.

Blog post contributed by BH