Big + Little Reveal Ideas

Once Spring Recruitment and Bid Day are over, Big/Little reveal is the next exciting event to prepare for! Here are our five favorite ideas for revealing your Bigs on the fun day.

Big Little Reveal


Have each big decorate a small puzzle with their name on it. During reveal night, have the littles quickly put together the puzzles revealing their Big Sis!

Unwrap Your Big

This one requires a lot of wrapping paper and an oversized gift tag. In a large room, wrap up each Big Sis in wrapping paper and include a gift tag with the coordinating littles name. Have all of the Little Sisters run in to the room like it's Christmas morning, find their present and unwrap their big. 

Hiding in a box

Find or buy large boxes and have Bigs decorate them in a fun theme. On reveal night, have each Big Sis hide in their box and wait for their little to knock. Big Sisters will pop out of their box to surprise their little! 

Hiding Behind Something

This reveal idea can work in a variety of places. Behind a door or sheet a sheet, in a car trunk, in an elevator, etc. The idea is to have Little Sis wait on one side of the door or sheet. Then have active members of the chapter count down & open the door/drop the sheet to reveal the Big Sis.


Matching Apparel

Have each Big buy or make a matching set of shirts for them & their Little. On reveal day, have each little put on their shirt and search a crowd of actives for their Big wearing a matching item. Need apparel ideas? Head over to our shop for our latest designs available for individual sale.