How Being Greek Will Help With Your Future Career

Have you ever been told “sorority won’t help you with your future career”, or “focus more on school and less on extra curriculars”? Do you ever wonder if all those years in sorority will amount to anything, or if everyone else was right and you should focus more on school?

I’m here to tell you that, from my personal experience, being in a sorority 100% helped me in ANY future career I’d like to get into!

Let’s face it, sorority women get tons of amazing experience. We learn how to talk to strangers about literally anything (recruitment). How to act and dress professionally (alum events, formal meetings, etc). And even simpler things like time management (because we all need to be on time…ALL THE TIME). In some cases, those who hold positions can learn even more skills that could help later on. VP Finance – balancing budgets, VP Recruitment – managing events and large groups of people, Public Relations Chair – correspondence and marketing strategies — you get the idea.

Here are a few important ways I’ve found that being in a sorority has helped me in my career after college:

Real relationships and connectinons

As an account manager, I’m always talking to people. Usually via email, but occasionally I’ll have a nice chat on the phone with someone about an upcoming project. Being in such a social setting in college has helped me talk and connect with so many different personality types and helps people feel comfortable when they reach out to me.

This skill has strengthened my relationships with so many clients. I get to work with chapters multiple times, and when they graduate or hold a new position, I’m able to stay in contact with the new chairperson in charge because of the previous relationship with the chapter! Sometimes I’ve even had a former chairperson reach out for a non-sorority project. It’s really nice to be able to form these relationships and connect with so many people so easily. Thank you recruitment practice.

Time management and organization

If you’re like me, you probably haven’t always been a very organized person. Before I joined a sorority, I always ran late to things and was constantly trying to remember what I had going on on a specific date. I definitely got stressed out because of my lack of organization.

That all changed when I joined a sorority. Sure, the fear of being “fined” may be enough to get you to show up to things, but I did it because of how much I enjoyed the people and experiences. I didn’t want to miss any of it. As time went on, I realized that I was on time, or early to events. I was getting better at keeping track of everything going on (planners and phone calendars are seriously my life). And I found that over time I naturally became a more organized person. I was 10x busier than before, but it wasn’t overwhelming since I was on top of it all.

All of this helps when you get into your career – trust me. Your boss will LOVE it when you can follow deadlines. You’d be amazed at how many adults still can’t keep on a deadline. I learned this the hard way a former job where I was always having to pick up the slack. Not fun at all.

Or, maybe you are someone who is motivated by the fear of “fines”. I know I’d start showing up on time if I had to pay for being late.

Philanthropy and give back

From the very beginning, we’re told about the importance of our organization’s philanthropy. Sometimes, the specific philanthropy for our organization has a close personal connection to us, which makes it even more special! So many companies are trying to find a way to give back, so that’s not something new for us sorority women. We’re used to hosting fundraisers and events to raise money. We even work with local businesses to hold fundraisers and invite the community out for support. It’s so fun! We’re raising money for a great cause AND having a good time! What else could you need?!

Not only do we get to wear super cute Philanthropy apparel to those events, but we even find ways to turn something as simple as ordering shirts into a way to give back! Did you know you can use Adam Block Design to create a fundraiser for your chapter? We can even donate a portion of your order back to your philanthropy. Check out some fun designs ABD has done here.

How does this help with a future career, you ask? Easy! It makes the office morale that much better! In companies that hold philanthropic service as an important aspect of the company, every team member comes together to help out. Philanthropy is a great way to feel included and strengthen the team’s relationship. It turns an office into something more and can really make you feel connected to something more, especially if the philanthropy chosen is something that has a strong connection to you. When you feel more connected to others at work, I think it makes the office environment so much better to work in.

So there you have it. A few ways that being in a sorority has impacted my career for the better. What are some ways sorority has helped you in your career?

Contributed by Emily Patterson