3 Ways a Sorority House can Amp Up their Mojo on and Off Campus

If you belong to a sorority then you know first hand how valuable the Greek life is in terms of building friendships and creating opportunities for philanthropy and professional networking. And when your chapter is able to radiate at high frequencies both on and off campus, others will pick up on your contagious energy helping your sorority stand out above the others. Here are three ways your sorority house can create powerful “mojo juice” that will draw others in thus amping up your appeal both on and off campus.

1. Get Custom Sorority Apparel

Why buy a run-of-the-mill sorority shirt from the campus store when you can get original custom sorority apparel in bulk designed specifically for each sister? Companies like Adam Block Design offer stylish sorority t-shirts, sweaters, and various other types of Greek clothing using the highest quality screen printing technology and inks to create shirts you will love. With endless styles to choose from your sorority can run with custom shirts in a 80s style for the weekends, 70s retro attire for attending class, and classic crew shirts for volunteering within professional organizations. Whether you belong to Kappa Delta or Alpha Chi Omega, when each one of your sisters has her own custom shirt with her name and her design style front and center, others will notice that your chapter takes pride in the Greek life through the egress of originality, and your mojo will be on fire!

sorority room decorations

2. Interior Design Do-Over

Surely you have heard the expressions “home is where the heart is” and “king of the castle”. Where you live not only reflects you as a person, it also creates an energy and temperance within yourself and those who visit you. Therefore, fancying up your sorority house’s interior decor can amp up your mojo. Psst, here’s a great tip for making the most out of your interior re-design: don’t just go with a popular style; incorporate things associated with your sorority organization into the design. For example, if your sorority is associated with the medical field, and you love industrial decor, consider incorporating pieces like old wooden exam tables converted into desks. If your sorority is associated with law, pick up a set of turn-of-the-century barrister bookcases with glass doors. Create a fun and energetic space, that speaks at the heart of your organization, and your mojo will be grateful.

sorority fundraiser silent auction

3. Hold a Silent Auction

One way to amp up your sorority’s mojo both on and off campus is to hold a silent auction for charity and invite both students and community members. Start by picking a cause, a theme, and make a list of various organizations you can pitch for donations.

Let’s say you want to raise money to buy and sink an old ship to help form an artificial reef in an area where the coral reefs are disappearing. The theme of your silent auction can be “Under the Sea” and you can invite scuba divers, marine biologists, conservation professionals, and anyone else who may hold a personal interest in protecting fish species by supporting coral reef growth. Approach scuba diving equipment manufacturers like Sherwood Scuba or Mares; let them know what you are doing and ask if they would donate a BCD or a regulator for your charitable auction. You can also approach local dive shops for donated gear or even a diving certification class. Check out deep sea fishing and whale watching charters for donated trips, and reach out to surfboard companies and other brands known for loving the ocean.

Arrange for a guest speaker to come and educate people on your cause. Have the items laid out on a table and assign numbers to all your guests so they can place anonymous bids. Your sorority will stand out as a fantastic chapter that successfully brings students and the community together to have fun, learn, and partake in a great cause. Oh, and your mojo will skyrocket!