Ten Fun Sorority Event Themes

Getting there is half the fun!

Updated January 2020

Deciding your sorority event theme is just as exciting as tweaking the design proofs, so have a ball with these classics.

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1. USA

“Living the American Dream”

Live like it’s Independence Day all year! Nothing says recruitment
like Uncle Sam’s sweet face or some good old stars and stripes.

2. Nautical

“Welcome Aboard”

Your little is your first mate and your whole chapter is pulling
together to make the ship the best it can be, so the question isn’t as
much, “Why?” as it is, “Why not?”

3. Home

“Home is Wherever I’m with you”

Face it, you’re family! Your sisters are there for you
whether you like it or not, and you’ll always be at home with them.

4. 90s

“New Bids on The Block”

You are Topanga Lawrence. You are Daria (or Quinn).
You are Hilary Violet Banks. Feel the 90s; be the 90s.

5. Space

“Out of this World”

Whether you’re in stable orbit with your chapter or blasting
off with new members, space themes are broad enough to cover any event!

6. Floral

“Fall In Love”

If you’re a chapter who likes a little subtlety, going floral always
puts you in place to have a beautiful event and shirts that look great
anytime afterwards!

7. Beach

“Life’s a breeze with sisters like these”

This is the most fun for the landlocked! If you’re holding it down in
the midwest, bring the beach to you with some sunnies and towels.

8. Baseball

“A League of our own”

Nothing says teamwork like baseball, and what’s a sorority, if not a
team? Structure your event with innings to really drive the theme home.

9. Circus

“Welcome to the Greatest Sisterhood of them all”

Let them know they’re in for an event that will astound and
amaze them! You’ll graduate eventually, so live it up big time under
the big top while you can.

10. Western

“Rounding Up The Best”

If your chapter is stuck on Southern themes, try the West on
for size! Dude Ranches, Rocky Mountains, Oregon Trail… we’ve got
it all out here on the frontier.


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If you’re a big or grandbig who has been at this for a while, what was your favorite sorority event theme?

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