Pricing – Custom Designs

You might be wondering why there aren’t any prices on our site! It’s because each order we produce is completely custom, and a bunch of factors go into the final cost.

Item Type

We offer sweatshirts, tees, tanks and more for all budgets! The options are endless.

Ink Colors

Each design we make is totally custom, and the number of colors you choose contributes to the overall price.

Print Locations

Front, back, sleeves, pockets, we can put your design wherever you’d like!

Special Options

We offer unique printing techniques like foil, glitter, and puff inks.


The more items you order, the lower your price will be!

Turnaround Time

We offer rush shipping as well as a standard two week ship date from order approval.

No matter your budget, we will strive to get you the highest quality and lowest-priced custom apparel!

Try our awesome custom apparel experience.